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IT Accessibility
Laws and Policies

Section 508, added in 1998 to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, mandates federal agencies to ensure electronic information accessibility for people with disabilities.


WebAim provides tools and training that will help guide you in becoming an accessibility expert!

WCAG 2.1

The 2.1 Guidelines update WCAG 2.0, showing that accessibility standards grow with modern tech.

🌟Let's Make Docs Accessible, Effortlessly!

  • Hey there, document maestro! We get it—making docs accessible can feel like a time marathon. But guess what? We've got a nifty hack for you: accessible templates! 🎉 They're like your time-saving sidekick in the world of documents.

  • 📂 Save Smart: Remember to save your gems as .docx files. Why? Because it keeps all the accessibility magic intact, just the way you built it. No disappearing acts here!

  • 🔧 Stay Updated, Stay Awesome: Keep your tools and software on the A-game. Updates are like little boosts, making built-in features even better at handling the accessibility game. It's like giving your documents a superhero upgrade!

  • Time to turn your documents into accessibility champs effortlessly. Ready to rock those .docx files and stay updated?🚀✨

🌟 Let's Make Your Docs Shine in Microsoft Word!

Guess what's the rockstar of digital docs? Yep, it's our good ol' Microsoft Word! 🚀 We often start our doc parties here and then switch it up to PDF mode. But hold up, that transition can sometimes throw in some accessibility curveballs if our Word doc isn't all spiffy and formatted right.

⚙️ Why Word Matters: Since Word is the cool kid on the block, knowing how to make your docs accessible from the get-go is a total game-changer. It might take a bit to become a document accessibility maestro, but hey, we're here to kickstart your journey!

🚀 Ready to Launch? Peep into the references we've got for you—they're like your friendly accessibility toolkit. And, oh, there's a magic spell (well, more like revised 508 standards) waiting for you to dive into. It's the key to unlocking the secrets of doc accessibility!

Let's make your Word documents the talk of the town!

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